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Course Description

“How to Split User Stories." designed for agile practitioners, product owners, scrum masters, developers, and testers, this dynamic session covers the essential techniques and best practices for breaking down user stories. Participants will explore advanced strategies like vertical slicing and acceptance criteria refinement, gaining insights from real-life corporate scenarios where estimation techniques impact user story splitting.

Module 1: Introduction to User Story Splitting

Duration: 30 Minutes

  • Understanding User Stories

  • Importance of User Story Splitting

  • Benefits and Impact on Agile Development

  • Overview of the Course Structure


Module 2: Techniques for User Story Splitting

Duration: 1 Hour

  • Vertical Slicing

  • Acceptance Criteria Refinement

  • Dependency Analysis

  • Value-Based Splitting

  • INVEST Criteria and User Story Splitting


Module 3: Real-life Scenario - Estimating User Story Technique in Corporate Settings

Duration: 1 Hour

  • Applying Estimation Techniques in Real Projects

  • Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned

  • Impact on Project Success


Module 4: Best Practices in User Story Splitting

Duration: 1 Hour

  • Cross-functional Collaboration

  • Involving Stakeholders in the Splitting Process

  • Continuous Refinement and Adaptation

  • Monitoring and Measuring Success


Module 5: Practical Application - Workshop and Exercises

Duration:15 Minutes

  • Hands-on Splitting Exercises

  • Discussion on Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

  • Q&A of Splitting User Stories from a Sample Project


Module 6: 20 Relevant Questions on User Story Splitting

Duration: 15 Minutes

  • Importance of Questioning in User Story Splitting

  • Categories of Questions (e.g., Techniques, Challenges, Best Practices)

  • 20 Questions for Self-assessment

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Pricing: Price: £79, after discount £69 

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