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Course Description:

In the competitive digital landscape, mastery of Paid Advertising and Marketing is essential for online success. This course delivers a foundational understanding, guiding participants through crucial concepts to enhance online visibility and maximize results. Acquire skills in creating effective paid campaigns, interpreting performance analytics, and making informed decisions for strategic online effectiveness.


Why Agilinks? 

  • Our Trainers bring extensive industry experience, working as consultants for prestigious clients, ensuring practical insights and real-world examples are shared.

  • We prioritize a seamless learning experience, utilizing Zoom Pro for high-quality video conferencing.


What’s Included:

  •  Interactive remote learning via Virtual Classrooms.

  • Toolkits for effective planning.

  • Access to essential content, tools, and resources.

  • Ongoing student support.

  • Course Completion certificates (digital copies).

Paid Advertising and Marketing

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