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Importance of Agile Operations

Updated: Jan 12

What Is Agile Operations?

Agile operations, also known as Agile ops, is a term used to describe the implementation of Agile principles and methodologies into a team’s operational processes. It enables Agile teams to successfully adapt to change and pivot rapidly to address arising issues.

Software development teams commonly use Agile ops to maintain their systems, but it can also be useful for other teams, including IT.

Benefits of Agile IT operations

Agile practices can greatly improve an IT team’s operations. Here are a few examples:

1. Better team integration

Agile ops leads to more collaboration between software developers and IT professionals. These two teams have traditionally worked in silos, often not communicating until a product is released. In an Agile operating model, however, there is more interaction between the two departments, helping to align company goals and eliminate unnecessary confusion throughout the project life cycle.

2. Fewer errors

Agile teams take an iterative approach to tasks, working in repeatable cycles to develop, test, and refine products on an ongoing basis. Regular testing means bugs can be spotted at an early stage and addressed quickly. By minimizing errors before the software is deployed on a large scale, IT teams can avoid retrospective bug fixes under severe time constraints.

3. Reduced costs

When Agile teams address issues and add new features after each iteration, they can also drastically reduce their costs. Agile enables them to build the best product before deploying it, meaning they don’t need to waste money and other resources on a costly redesign.

4. Increased productivity

The Agile philosophy places a strong emphasis on face-to-face interaction, which can help to encourage productivity among IT teams. Digital consulting firm McKinsey states that an Agile approach can help IT infrastructure groups “boost their productivity by 25 to 30 percent in six to 18 months.”

5. Clear priorities

Under the Agile ops model, a key priority is meeting business demand within short timeframes. Though IT teams tend to focus on stability rather than speed, an Agile approach can expand their priorities and give them a new perspective on delivering value to a customer base.

About Agilinks

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