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Course Description


Master the art of impact mapping and empower your team to deliver projects that demonstrably achieve strategic objectives. Learn to define clear goals, identify key actors and desired impacts, and prioritize deliverables for optimal impact. Drive collaborative decision-making, ensure alignment between business and technical teams, and navigate project complexities with confidence.

Module 1: Introduction to Impact Mapping 

Duration: 1 hour

  • What is Impact Mapping?

  • The history and evolution of Impact Mapping

  • Core principles and benefits of Impact Mapping

  • Comparing Impact Mapping with other product planning frameworks

  • Real-world examples of successful Impact Mapping implementations


Module 2: Defining Key Outcomes and User Needs 

Duration: 1 hour 

  • Identifying and prioritizing key outcomes

  • Understanding user needs and motivations

  • Creating user personas and journey maps

  • Aligning key outcomes with user needs


Module 3: Crafting an Impact Map

Duration: 1 hour

  • Breaking down key outcomes into actionable activities

  • Defining essential deliverables and dependencies

  • Identifying key metrics for measuring success

  • Building and visualizing the Impact Map


Module 4: Applying Impact Mapping in Action 

Duration: 1 hour

  • Case study: Real-life application of Impact Mapping in a corporate setting (e.g., launching a new product feature, improving customer onboarding experience)

  • Group activity: Participants apply Impact Mapping to a real-world scenario

  • Tips and tricks for effective Impact Mapping implementation

  • Overcoming common challenges and pitfalls


Module 5: Beyond the Basics 

Duration: 0.5 hour

  • Advanced techniques for Impact Mapping

  • Integrating Impact Mapping with other Agile methodologies

  • Collaborative Impact Mapping tools and resources

  • Q&A session


Module 6: Impact Mapping Question Bank 

Duration: 0.5 hour

  •  20 questions designed to assess understanding of key concepts

  •  Answer key provided separately


Course Duration: 4 hours


Price: £79, after discount £69  

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